We start with a new chapter in the book:
                      "One of the gang"

 Do like this:

 1.Write the black words p. 17-19 in your drive-file: "View" - words
    Create a document and call it "One of the gang"

 2.Go to your school mail and find a mail from Gleerups with your 
       password. Use this to log in.

 3.Use  your earphones and listen to the text: "One of the Gang" 
    p.17-19 in the book.

There will be a TEST on the black words p.17-19 
                             next Wednesday.

 39 Tuesday
   Sept 22
            Today we will practise for tomorrow's test:

B.Choose Theme: Crossing Boundaries,

   C. Choose One of the Gang

   D.Choose Crosswords  (do this until you pass)

   E. Choose Glossary test (do this until you pass)

2.Download and save this PDF on your desk before you fill it in. 

3.Then test each other by asking each other for the words.

AFTER THIS I think it's time for a break!

38 Tuesday
  Sept 15
 1. You'll get your results on last week's listening exercise.

 2. Listening exercise (NP)  12 min

 3. Reading exercise  (NP)   30 min
   Sept 16
 Since you got your computer yesterday I will show you how it is used in Eng5.

Find your Eng5 drive-file; here you must write everything!

              1. Go into Drive, 
              2.Delas med mig
               3.Hitta: mapp Eng5; 
               4.Dra in den i Min enhet.
 In your Eng5-file create 3 sub-files: 

Begin writing your corrected personal letter 
in the file called: WRITING

 While you do this I will give you your Gleerup's password.

37 Tuesday
   Sept 8
 1.Vocabulary test View black words p.9-11

 2.We will correct all of the exercises together=
    p.12-15 + the paper with "What's the word" + "Cars & driving".

3.extra:"The past tense-stencil"
              (ej baksida) 
   Sept 9
 1.Correct the pdf:s
 2.Listening exercise "Protecting the border"