Engelska 6

jan.wigerfelt@malmo.se (övriga)
jan.wigerfelt@skola.malmo.se (elev)  
Literature: View points 2, Echo short stories 6 et al

National test of English will be held on the following dates:

May 3 - Essay
May 12 - listening and reading
Speaking will be held towards the end of May.

w 15
Monday: Read theory (practising reading comprehension)
1. Adverbs, p 240 - 241 in View points.
2. Reconstrucion and translation, p 242-243. (View)
3. Essay-writing p 243, maximum 200 words. (View)
All of the above must be finished by next Monday.

w 16
1. We look at the keys from last week's exercises.
2. One major writer: D.H. Lawrence. "Sons and lovers" in Echo 6.

w 17
Wednesday. Preparation for the national test / writing.

w 18
Revving up for the national test - exercises in Classroom.
Plus reading and listening comprehension. (big Fanny)
Tuesday: national test of English, essay.

w 19
Monday: we finish the listening exercise from last week. Bring the papers!
Reading comprehension.
Gap tests.
1. We look at the keys for the exercises from Monday.
2. More revving up for the national test tomorrow.
Thursday: National test. Make sure to be in time (8.15)

w 20
Tidy up loose ends.

w 21
In View: Another Dublin.
1.Listen and read the text individually. Write the words you don't know.
2. Working with language and verbs with two objects.
3. Reconstruction and translation.
4. Gleerups homepage.
When you are finished, read in Echo.

w 22
Monday: we look at the exercises together. (make sure you are finished)
Wednesday: oral exams for the national test.

w 23
Monday: hand in the books. You may see the results from the national test.
Wednesday: final test and (betygssamtal)