Week 35: Go through AGC, work with View chapter Gone
Week 36: Participle clauses pdf:s 
Week 37:Write an ending to Gone, work with similes & metaphors
Week 38-39: 19th century British authors
38 Monday
 Sept 14
 1.We correct the pdf "Celtic myths"

 2. Pair work: Famous authors : find 
your author here:

     a.do a google presentation (5 min) in front of the class.
     life - career - written books - society - opinions
     *Both students must speak.
     * If one student isn't present, the other must do the presentation.
     *Use memo-cards hidden in your hand, 
not long written texts.

     b. share your
 presentation with the rest of the class since there 
         will be a test on this on Sept 23.

   Sept 16
 Author work  - optional workplace.