Lesson activities

11 February

Here is the presentation about formal and informal English:

Informal/Formal English

6 February

23 January

Here is the reading comprehension about shopping:

What kind of shopper are you?

9 January

Today we will start working with five-paragraph essays. 

Here is a quick presentation to look at before and during writing:

The five-paragraph essay

Follow the links to do exercises on linking words:

17 December

In class we will listen to a sweet story about Christmas. Read through the questions below and tick the correct boxes.

Christmas in Ireland

3 December

Today we're writing summaries. Watch the clip below to find out what you need to think about while writing:


And now to the much debated question: Does Santa Claus exist? Click HERE to find out!

12 November 

Watch a short clip from CNN here. Then fill in the questionnaire below.