39   Monday
   Sept 21
 1.We'll go through the Atlanta-text translation together. (Drive-pres)

 2. Introduce  readtheory.org/auth/login  (I'll give you a login)

    * Save your password directly once you've logged in and bookmark         the site.

 2. When asked about which level to start at: Choose level 1 - you will be moved         to the next level when you pass this. 

     *This is an excellent way to get better at reading, so make it a  
      habit to do at least three texts every week in order to see an 
      improvement in your reading skills!

   Sept 22
 1.Listen to a Ted talk with your earphones.

    You'll find the YouTube-clip here:
    a.Go into Gleerups webhttps://gleerupsportal.se/login/    
    b.Choose Theme 1: 
Crossing Boundaries
    c.Choose Twocking
    d.Choose Links & films
    e.Choose Film material

2. Now write a 50-word-summary about the clip you've just listened to.
    This should be placed in your file: WRITING.
    The document should be named "Summary 1"

3.Then continue with ReadTheory from yesterday!

38 Monday
  Sept 14

 1. We correct the two reading exercises My old neighbourhood & 
     Eyeball tattoo together. (15 min)

   Sept 15
 1. Listening exercise (NP)  12 min

2. Reading exercise (NP) 20 min                                                                                                            
 3. Translation exercise (rest of the lesson)

    Sept 16
 1. Continue with your translation exercise "Atlanta"

 2. Correct your letter in your Writing file on Drive.

*Everything should be done before Monday's lesson!

37 Monday
   Sept 7
 1. We correct all the exercises in View p. 12-15 (answers in your file)

2. We correct the four pdf:s together.

3.Start re-writing your letter to me in your file! (sub-file "Writing")

   Sept 8
 Today we will do Speaking-exercises in pairs with feed-back. 

 I will listen to you for 5 min/pair and take notes.
 The rest of you will do Reading exercises. 

 1.My old neighbourhood (do this text first)
 2.Eyeball tattoo
   Sept 9
Continue from yesterday.

Elias & Boban                                                                                                                 Samuel & Isak E                                                                              William & Anthony                                                                                                         Jesper & Markus 

Diagnosis: Boban, Oskar, Elias.

For Monday: finish both reading exercises                                                                                *This must be done before class!

36 Monday
   Aug 31


 1.Today we work with Gleerup's      
  I will give you your log-in/password 
The first time you log in you can save your log-in up in the right corner of the web-page. Do this!

 1.View Vocational, 
 2. Theme 1: Crossing Boundaries 

Focus on practising for tomorrow's test with Crossword & Glossary test.

ALSO: I will start talking individually with you about: 
1. your goals with the course/if you need extra help
2. correcting your personal letter
3. the result of the diagnosis 

   Sept 1
 1. Vocabulary test: the black words for the text Twocking from      p.9-11 in View. 

 2. Work on Gleerup's web with the five exercises for Twocking.

 3. If you're done with both the exercises in the book p.12-15 and    
     the exercises on Gleerup's web you can download the four pdf:s 
     and start with them. You find them on the top right in 
     Sept 2
 Today the lesson is cancelled since I'm ill!

 Work at home with the four pdf:s which you'll find here:
*Don't forget to save them before you start filling them in. 

 Finish them for Monday's lesson. 
 Also make sure you have passed the 5 exercises for Twocking on the web.


 Aug 24
1.Write a personal letter to Anna.

2.Commence exercises in our book View Vocational:

a.Read the text p.9-11.

b.Write the black words p.9-11 on paper.

c.Do the exercises p.12-15. (until Translation)

For next lesson: hand in your personal letter
     Aug 26
Today we continue from Monday's lesson.

*On Tuesday's lesson there will be a test 
  on the 
black words p.9-11.