English 5
Plan of English

w 9
New chapter in View: Child Soldier.(African dialect)
1. We listen to the text together.
2. Write all the black words and words that are new to you.
3. We look at a presentation about the difference between the 
     adjective and the adverb.
4. Do exercises two and three on Gleerups website.
5. Crossword and glossary test on Gleerups.
6. Working with language, page 122.
7. Adjectives and adverbs on page 123 - 124.
8. Translations of "bli" page 125.
9. Translation page 126.
10. Exercises in classroom.
11. Flagbook p 38 - 43.

w 10
Continue exercises above the first lesson this week.
Lesson two: bring all the answers to the above exercises.
In classroom - do the adj/adv exercise.

w 11
Monday: work with Professional English (electricity)
and in the meantime we look at your results so far. (grades)
Lesson two: essay.

w 12 Easter holidays.

Skärtorsdag - Maundy Thursday
Långfredag - Easter Friday
Påskafton - Easter eve
Påskdagen - Easter day
Annandag påsk - Easter Monday

w 13
Listening and reading comprehension (mock tests)
Speaking in groups of two or four.

Dates for the national tests of English:
May 4 - writing (essay)
May 10 - reading and listening.
Speaking will be held towards the end of May.

w 14
Monday: practise on web-site "Read theory".
Tuesday-Wednesday: we work in Echo 5.

w 15
Grammar: An online presentation of the verb in different tenses.
Revving up for the national test of English 5. See Classroom!

w 16
Continue revving up for the national test.

w 17
New chapter in View.
1. We listen together to A new life. p 129 -
2. Write the black words and the words you don't know already.
3. Working with language.
4. Verbs of speech.
5. Compounds with every-no-some and any.
6. Translation.
7. Exercises on Gleerups web.
8 Exercises in Classroom.

w 18
Monday: we look at all the exercises from last week.
Wednesday: test of English /essay 8.15 - 10.00
Thursday: Ascension Day.
Friday: no school today!

w 19
Monday: revving up for the national test tomorow.
Exercises on paper this time.
Tuesday: national test. Make sure to be in time (8.15).

w 20
Monday, May 16: new chapter in View - Getting it.
1. We listen to the text.
2. Write all the new words.
3. On Gleerups' website do exercises word formation, linking words
     crossword and glossary test.
Tuesday: studiedag.
Wednesday, May 18: continue in the book with the exercises and translation.
In classroom: "Twice the size..."
In "Links and films" - listen to "Ted talks".

w 21
Continue from last week.
When you're finished, proceed with reading "Tomorrow when the war began".

w 22
Monday: speaking for EE 15b
After introduction and preparation...
group 1  11.00 - 11.15 Alexander B, Josef, Liam
group 2 11.15 - 11.30 Izac, Jonathan, Jaffar
group 3 11.30 -11.45 Rasmus P, Alfred, Pontus, 
group 4 12.00 - 12.15 Viktor, Rasmus U, Lukas

ee 15 c introduction 9.40-9.50
group 1  10.00 - 10.15 Oscar, Samuel, Douglas, Elias
group 2 10.15 - 10.30 Isak, Mahdi, Naser
group 3 10.30 - 10.45 Andreas, Christian, Linus
group 4 10.45 - 11.00 Alexander, Eddie, Markus
group 5 11.00 - 11.15 Max, Isak E, Noor